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The smart studio incorporates a wide range of resources

The Smart Studio is part of LETSEE’s digital repertoire and is permanently based at Studios Rive Gauche where it’s used as a tool for digital events. This tool is a solution for agile organisations and is ideal for producers and companies wanting to create programmes for internal broadcasts or social media. The studio is in the heart of Paris near Parc André Citroën and comes well equipped: dressing rooms, meeting room, private parking, etc. In a sophisticated, secure location. It is run by a small, versatile team, available on a day or half-day basis and at affordable prices.

Our team has seen a significant increase in demand and has worked hard on its expansion.
 It will now be available in two other versions: a high-end Smart Studio Club with a magnificent, large LED screen and a Smart Studio that can be installed as required on Set 1 of Studios Rive Gauche; at 380 m², it can accommodate a large set or more bulky items (cars, for example) and is also equipped with a large LED screen. We are looking now at a mobile version that can be deployed to our customers’ sites if necessary. These tools are always agile, easy to use and quick to implement, and the prices can be tailored to specification.

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